Levi Jeans Company is continuing their Pioneer marketing campaign by bringing in some notable artists to do covers, which they make available for download. Seems like a waste of money for them, right?

Here’s the link if you’re interested: http://www.levispioneersessions.com/

Wrong. Marketing to our generation (Y) is notoriously difficult because we’ve spent our entire lives being exposed to mass-media. As a result, companies have figured out that branding to our generation means plugging into our individualistic, selfish side. Regardless, they’ve managed to bring in a solid array of artists (John Legend, She & Him, Passion Pit, The Shins, amongst others). The download’s are free, you just need to give them your e-mail. Also, be sure to check out their “Go Forth” commercial. It’s been around for a couple of years, but it’s still one of the coolest commercials I can remember. If you’ve already seen it and you happen to be a hipster—then check out this parody of the commercial, using a Bukowski poem in lieu of Whitman’s “Pioneers! O Pioneers!”