I have to respectfully disagree with my fellow cohort by saying the King is heading to the Magic City, Miami. The three stars will align tonight at approximately nine o’clock, and as the bell sounds LeBron will throw a knock out blow into the heart of his homeland. Without rings LBJ is merely a great player who will be known for never getting it done in the playoffs rather than an immortal legend. Now in my personal opinion James has his best opportunity for championships in Chicago with a surrounding cast already in place, but I think he is seeing stars and relishing in the idea of playing with his buddies from Team USA.

A lot of people will see this move as a move of cowardice and submission… LeBron would be giving up on his goal of bringing a championship home to Cleveland and heading for greener pastures. Something players do when they desperately need a ring before retirement, but not as they come into their prime. Although I am a northern-Ohio boy and a Cavalier fan at heart, if I were the man in the hot seat I would pack my bags (light because there is no need for all those winter coats in Miami) and follow my buddy Chris down south to play with a threesome younger and more talented than the boys in Boston.

James had the opportunity to meet with Tom Izzo a few weeks back when the Cavs were trying to get him on board from Michigan State, but guess what, he didn’t want to. If LeBron was staying in Cleveland you would think he would be interested in meeting with his potential coach. The Kingdom is relocating, and the King is heading south.

DJ in response to “A horse, a Horse, My Kingdom for a Horse” by James