He did what all of Ohio had themselves denying he could ever do on national television. The King turned his back on his throne in Cleveland, and he might as well have dropped a bomb on the heart of the city. He just placed himself among the likes of Art Modell. Modell being the most hated man in Cleveland sports history, and the man who moved the Brownies to Baltimore after promising the city he would never even think about it. Lebron will be known as a villain in Ohio for the rest of our lifetimes, but if it was me, I’m on my way to Florida. Sorry.

I want to start by saying I think the way in which LeBron went about this was egotistical and unnecessary. With that said, I don’t think it to be nearly as vicious or absurd as the rest of my state. We live in a different age. One that is obsessed with superstars. Where we know their every move and thought just by checking up on their twitter account. If you weren’t interested in the signing of LeBron James then you need to check your pulse. This is one of the biggest sports story’s in ages. It is a story we have been following for the past two years, and it warranted some attention when decision time finally came.

ESPN actually has signing shows for high school kids who have proved absolutely nothing on their way to college. You know the ones where they have hats lined up on a table in front of them and they put one on for the school they have picked. So is it so outrageous that the most sought after free agent in the history of sports would get his own announcement show. The classy way to do this would have been to simply accompany Bosh and Wade on ESPN for a 3 minute announcement/interview, but would people really have felt any different had James taken that route. The uproar in Cleveland would have still been comparable to a nuclear explosion. You take the chosen one from his deeply rooted homeland and there is no way around mass hysteria.

People forget that Kobe had a similar situation in 2004… where he had teams beckoning to his call. Kobe actually was demanding trades as well as bad mouthing the GM and Andrew Bynum, at least James just respectfully decided that his future was no longer in Cleveland. Can you blame him? I mean honestly, put aside your attachment to your beloved Cavaliers and try and tell me you aren’t going to play with D-Wade given the opportunity. LBJ got a dream opportunity to play with another one of the top three players in the game and he took it. Which says nothing of the fact that Chris Bosh is just icing on that star studded cake.

Everyone wants to compare him to Jordan and to Kobe saying that he can never fall into the same sentence after running south for Miami. Claiming that James is taking the easy road. He is running for help. I just don’t think you can compare the situations. Jordan had Scottie Pippen. Pippen may have been Robin to Jordan’s Batman, but he was no slouch. He emerged from MJ’s shadow after Jordan retired. In 1995 Pippen became only the second player in history to lead his team in points, rebounds, assists, blocks, and steals. A statistic so spectacular it doesn’t even sound true. Kobe won his first 3 rings with the help of Shaq. Who will probably leave the game as one of the top three centers of all time behind Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul Jabbar. These guys weren’t like Batman and Robin. They were more like Superman and Batman teaming-up.

LeBron never had a super sidekick in Cleveland. They continued to bring in B and C players that just weren’t enough to get it done. He gave 7 great years to the Cavs and he rejuvenated a city. James doesn’t want to be a player who chases rings as he nears the end of his career. He is simply taking advantage of a dream situation as he comes into his prime.

The claim that this hurts the brand of LeBron James just doesn’t feel possible to me. If he stays in Cleveland and never wins a ring his brand would suffer along with his reputation as a superstar player. I don’t think placing him with two guys that make the Heat the most exciting team in basketball will have a negative effect. The only thing that makes someone marketable is winning, and he is putting himself in the best place to do this. The only worry is that Wade becomes MORE marketable if he outshines James.

Dan Gilbert made a bold statement in personally guaranteeing the Cavs a championship before the Heat. I wish Cleveland the best of luck in their chase for championship gold, but I really can’t imagine them beating the hyrda Heat to the punch. This just adds a ton of pressure to King James. Making this move without producing rings will make a mockery of his decision to up and leave. LeBron has a chance to do great things in Miami, but if he doesn’t that is when his brand and his reputation take a colossal blow. I don’t know about you, but I will be tuning in to watch it all unravel every chance I get. The Super Heat are the most intriguing team in basketball this year. Everyone will be curious to see if a team can run on star power alone. The teams that people love to hate are the teams that people can’t help but watch.

Only time will tell, I wish my King farewell and the best of luck in Miami.