This is part three of a three-part series leading up to Sunday’s World Cup Final. Part 1 can be read here and Part 2 here.

Netherlands at a glance:

Capital: Amsterdam

Population: 16,622,925

Per capita GDP: $48,223

Press Freedom Index: 7th freest in the world

Corruption Perception Index: 6th least corrupt

World Cup Record (including 2010): 42 matches: 22 wins, 10 draws, 10 losses

How they got here:

Group E:

Netherlands 2 – Denmark 0

Netherlands 1 – Japan 0

Netherlands 2 – Cameroon 1

Round of 16:

Netherlands 2 – Slovakia 1


Netherlands 2 – Brazil 1


Netherlands 3 – Uruguay 2

Why you should support the Netherlands:

They are widely regarded as the best side never to win the World Cup. The Dutch advanced to two consecutive World Cup Finals in 1974 and 1978, but fell to the host nations on both occasions.

They have some of the best supporters in the world. The Dutch faithful can be seen in force across the world, decked out in bright orange from head to toe.  I remember seeing a piece during the Winter Olympics about crazy Dutch fans at speed skating events.  Some of their fans are even too sexy for FIFA’s standards as 32 female Dutch supports wearing long orange dresses were kicked out of the country’s opening match for apparently advertising a Dutch brewery.

Too hot for FIFA

One Word: Amsterdam. The city is famous for its cannabis-selling coffee shops and legalized prostitution.  It ranks near the top of must-visit stoner destinations.  Plus there’s something to be said about a country that has stricter laws for tobacco smoking than marijuana.

Wesley Sneijder could win the Champions League and World Cup in a two-month span. He played a vital role in Inter’s run to the Champions League crown.  He now has a chance to win the biggest prizes in both club and international football in a time span shorter than Lindsey Lohan’s prison sentence.

They could become the first country to win a World Cup who has never hosted the tournament. Every other World Cup winner has been a host nation at some point.  A win on Sunday will surely help the Netherlands and Belgium bid to host either the 2018 or 2022 Cup.  Spain hosted the 1982 World Cup.

You could get a BJ from a porn star. Dutch porn star Bobbi Eden promised a “BJ” to all of her Twitter followers if her countrymen bring back the cup.

They have one of the better logos in the tournament. The Dutch badge is a lion sticking his tongue out and wearing a crown.  It doesn’t get much better than that.  Nicknames like “The Flying Dutchmen” and “Clockwork Orange” don’t hurt either.

What more could you ask for?

They’ve never been ranked #1 by FIFA. Spain spent July 2008-June 2009 as the top ranked squad in the world.  The Dutch also peaked around that time reaching #2 for the second time in June 2009 (the first was November 1993).  A World Cup win will push them to the top for the first time.

They haven’t lost a game in the World Cup. The Dutch, along with Brazil, were the only two sides to guarantee themselves a spot in the knockout round after two group matches.  The Netherlands went on to beat Cameroon in their final group match to finish with nine points, a mark matched only by Argentina.

So there you have it, two deserving sides battling for your heart.  Who’s it going to be, Team Edward or Team Jacob?