Please don't give this role to Zac Efron

Thief, runaway, and hijacker— 19 year old Colton Harris-Moore was finally captured by police in the Bahamas after a 2 year game with law enforcement. After running away from a halfway house at age 17, the 6 foot 5 inch teen is suspected of breaking into over 100 homes throughout the Pacific Northwest and Canada. He famously eluded police several times without wearing any shoes, earning him the nickname the “Barefoot Bandit.” His story will certainly be made into a movie, with 20th Century Fox already purchasing a script of his story. He notably stole boats and planes(despite no formal training)—taking them for joyrides before crashing them.

He had recently fled the country in response to a federal judge in Washington placing an indictment on him for aircraft theft. He allegedly stole an airplane in Indiana, flying 1,000 miles south before landing on Great Abaco Island. He began to break in to several houses on the island, making it relatively easy for police to piece together the criminal responsible. True to form he put up a daring fight, attempting to escape a police raid via boat. Unfortunately for him, police shot the boat’s engine. If it was to be his last hurrah then he was certainly dressed for the occasion—a bulletproof vest and no shoes. For information on his story, click here.

Look! No Shoes Ma