Lissie has arrived. The songwriter’s debut album “Catching a Tiger” was released June 21st on Columbia records. Without a doubt you need to listen to this album. Personally, I’ve given the whole album at least 5 plays. The best way that I’ve found to classify her sound would be Country Swagger. She caught my attention with her live cover of Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness” (video below with download link). Cudi’s version seems to be categorized by a younger, starry-eyed, almost insecure voice. When Cudi sings the song I don’t really know whether to believe him, whether he’s really on the way to bigger things. Lissie’s version is confident and poised— she’s going places. Her debut album proves that. Download links to her album, Cudi, and Lady Gaga covers after the jump.

All download links have been tested:

Catching a Tiger: here

Bad Romance: here

Pursuit of Happiness: here



Photo Credit:Blender