Nick Hornby and Ben Folds are releasing an album in September in a collaborative effort that they’re entitling Lonely Avenue. Hornby is a notable (read: old) British author with two novels already adopted to the silver screen (1992’s Fever Pitch and 1995’s High Fidelity). The idea came from a dinner the two had sometime in 2009. Hornby had the idea of writing lyrics for the right artist to translate into amazing music. Judging by the first single that was released the other day, Hornby chose the right guy.


Levi Johnston has been all over the news lately because of his recent unlikely engagement to Bristol Palin. If you can recall, Levi was the guy who knocked Bristol up then refused to marry her. A self-described “redneck”, he went through a year-long period of fighting for custody of the child despite initially saying he did not want children. It was ugly and heavily covered throughout the media. The first single that Lonely Avenue released is a look into his story entitled “Levi Johnston’s Blues”. If it’s an indicator of the rest of the album, then I can’t wait. Ben Folds accompanies Hornby’s snarky lyrics with bouncy, energetic instrumentals and vocals.

Stream the single: here

Download it: here (personally tested)



Photo Credit: The Tripwire