A couple months ago I found myself downloading an issue of Playboy because I heard it named OU as the nation’s best Halloween Party.  Having never opened a Playboy before I expected to see naked girls on almost every page with a little content thrown in between.  I was surprised to learn the ratio of informative articles to boobs was remarkably high.  Not only was the party school article long and comprehensive, there was also an interesting story about baseball.  My girlfriend even read an article about cool kitchen gadgets with me.

Playboy recently launched a new website called The Smoking Jacket.  In Hef’s welcoming video he says it is Playboy’s safe for work website.  The site is broken down into five categories: Girls, Entertainment, Sex, Videos and Lifestyle.  Most of the content seems safe enough to browse while in public, but the Girls section has lingerie and bikini-clad babes that are probably best viewed when you’re off the clock.

As a whole the site reminds me of a more up-scale College Humor with the semi-funny, semi-informative lists of Cracked.  The Morning Dump is a nice, daily feature that proves a collection of links to start your day.

It’s not quite as good as the articles in the magazine, but hopefully with time it will be.  If you fit the target audience of Playboy, I’m sure you’ll find something interesting on the new site