Perhaps as a method of gaining cheap publicity, British songwriter King Charles put together this cover of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire” that you see above. It’s definitely worth a listen, despite not having the same type of ambition or organization of the original classic. Where Billy Joel sought to give a nod to every year to his life, King Charles creates his own take on the past decade or so. The song has a definitive UK twist to it and is worth taking in, if only for the sharp contrast between the original song.

If the cover intrigues you then I would suggest keeping an eye out for him in the future. By most accounts he’s going to continue to grow in popularity as long as he can continue making music. He has an unusual stage presence (he once sang an entire song while sitting on a fan’s shoulder), with an even more bizarre look. Lyrically it would be easy to compare him to Devendra Banhart, though King Charles seems to stray more towards optimistic realism and weightier topics such as death, love, and the passing of time.

Download of the cover: here (as always, tested)

A great article on King Charles: here