Ubetoo, our newest partner

OK Confucius is entering the game. In addition to the great heroin we offer, we’re making alliances in pursuit of our piece of the pie that is the internet. And you don’t get there without a couple friends.

Our coverage of Lissie, The Love Language, Nite Jewel, et al has been catching the attention of other music sites, and now we’re going super-indie by partnering with Ubetoo. All the way from Scandinavia, Ubetoo aims to be a platform for unsigned artists worldwide. It’s a marketplace for artists and listeners across all genres, offering new music that allows you to be ahead of ahead of the curve.

And if you’re interested in distributing your own stuff, Ubetoo is by far the best route. With a paid subscription, unsigned artists, whether in Ohio or Yemen, can put out their work on the interwebs while retaining their copyright AND earning a share of the royalties. So your start-up band might not become bona fide rock stars; for independent bands just starting out in getting exposure this deal is unheard of elsewhere! Leave it to the other side of the world to aim for cooperation in the ongoing war that is the record industry.

So we invite you to check out our latest partner. Listen to music. Put out your music. It isn’t Pure Volume, littered with your neighbor’s emo band. See for yourself: www.ubetoo.com.