Well not really, but this super-slowed down version of his song “U Smile” has nearly 1 million plays since it appeared on SoundCloud yesterday.

The weird thing is, the new track is surprisingly good, and has all the qualities of true ambient music.  It’s calming in some spots and haunting in others.  I can honestly say, even clocking in at 36 minutes, it’s the only Justin Bieber song I’ve ever listened to in its entirety.

Bieber’s latest single was slowed down 800% using Paul’s Extreme Sound Stretch, a freeware program made specifically for slowing down tracks.  There’s even a guide on how to create other ambient pop tracks.

The instant popularity of the Bieber track, along with the ease of stretching tunes, has spawned over 100 other “Ambient Slowpop” creations.  Everything from Sigur Rós to Lady Gaga to the Ramones has been slowed down and turned into an ambient masterpiece.

Whether this will become the hottest trend in remixing or just a week-long internet fad is yet to be determined.  What is set in stone is how such a simple process can yield such interesting and dramatically different music.

The Bieber track that started it all can be downloaded here.