In a little over a month most everyone in the United States will once again be back in school. Regardless of whether it is middle school, high school, or college pretty much everyone has a very similar routine in getting back to school. This includes buying school supplies,  and maybe starting to go to bed a little earlier. One of the essentials on this list is getting some fresh clothes. If you want to really get some cool clothing that is not designer clothing expensive, while being some of the most comfortable t-shirts ever (from personal experience) then I urge you to take a look at Acropolis Apparel.

Classic Era Meets the Post-Modern Lifestyle

Founded in MMVII (2007 for those of you who are uncultured), by Michael Pino the line is rapidly gaining steam. In an interview with formatmag, Pino explains, “Definitely not. I mean, Kobe’s just now reaching his peak and it’s his thirteenth season, know what I’m saying? We’re a new, independent company and I understand we have a long road ahead of us. But as Confucius once said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” We hope to not only put Acropolis on the map, but to leave our mark in the game.” I have never found another clothing company quite like it. If you peruse their website it is rare that you find a t-shirt that you either would not wear or cannot respect for the originality that went into it. My only criticism is that the female line is noticeably weaker than the much deeper male line. One of my favorite components is their willingness to print the same shirt in several different colors. This allows the consumer to even further take a logo that they like and find the best color combination for them, or as some people do buy the same shirt multiple times. Here are two of my favorite shirts (both of which I have yet to order):

Before the Dawn of Time

The Apocalypse

This shirt takes inspiration from the biblical story in Revelation where the second coming of Jesus Christ is proceeded by the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The design borrows the Ralph Lauren polo logo and puts it on the same shirt 4 times across. It is a prefect representation of how the company blends together culture and style. It comes in both black and white.

My other favorite is entitled “Pangea”. This shirt also comes in two colors- once again black and white. I like how neat the graphic is, all of the dots remind me of Larry King. Once again, it combines an ancient concept of the world and transcribes it to a t-shirt it a very classy manner.

Acropolis’s website reads, “Influenced by world history, progressive thought and timeless symbolism, Acropolis strives to be more and reach new heights. The name Acropolis is a metaphor for greatness and a reflection of the glory, power and splendor of an advanced society at its pinnacle. As the birthplace of democracy, the Acropolis helped lead to the free thinking and individualism we enjoy in the world today. At Acropolis, we support all individuals who help to improve the world and leave their mark. As a company and as individuals, we will always seek to raise our game in order to continually provide quality clothing with substance and style.” If you are looking for clothing that can represent yourself as an intelligent, cultured individual that also is very stylish, then Acropolis is for you.

Link to their website: here