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One genre of music that I am just recently getting immersed in (as in past year) is what I call distorted electronica awesomeness. In many cases, my uneducated take is that these artists just take what Passion Pit managed to compress into clean, indie pop music and push the boundaries. Of course, anyone with more extensive knowledge will probably disagree completely with that statement which is fine because I would love to hear more about this area of music.

Star Slinger is one such artist. He describes himself on his twitter as, “ Beat dude and resident of Manchester, UK.” He only has about 271 followers and his tweets are protected—needless to say he has yet to “make it”. Whatever, the beat dude can spin some pretty cool tracks. The best part about his music is that it is COMPLETELY FREE. Follow that link and you will find his first mixtape and a series of remixes that he did.

Here’s a video highlighting one of his newer remixes(of Australian band Alpine- gotta love Globalization):



Photo Credit: http://www.etmusiquepourtous.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/star-slinger2.jpg