Shaken, Not Stirred

Atmosphere released what they are calling a “double EP” which amounts to 12 new songs.

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If you weren’t raised in an upper-class suburban environment and happen to actually listen to rap as your primary genre of music, then you might not have heard of Atmosphere. The duo is comprised of rapper Slug and producer/DJ Ant. Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota the group is one of the longest independent hip hop acts, being active since the early 90’s.Critics say it’s emo rap and I wouldn’t argue that it definitely resonates more with the haves than the have-nots, seeing as a good deal of Slug’s lyrics deal with emotional turmoil, lost love, and other existential ramblings. It’s not typical and introspective in nature, which makes it worth a listen.

Personally, I’ve only checked out “Freefallin” (video below) from “To All My Friends, Blood Makes the Blade Holy” (aside: the EP’s title does nothing to break from that stereotype)which would appear to be typical Atmosphere. Slug reasons, ‘nobody likes breakin up/ when you hate the situation but you crave the touch/ you might stay in the relationship, for the simple sake of it/ because you know it’s based in love’. If the rest of the double EP is in a similar fashion, then it’s much of the same from Atmosphere.

Track Listing;

1. Until the Nipples Gone
2. The Major Leagues
3. Scalp
4. The Best Day
5. Americareful
6. Hope
7. The Loser Wins
8. Shotgun
9. Commodities
10. The Number None
11. Freefallin’
12. To All My Friends



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