Hipster Hitler is a new web comic that debuted last week.  Despite still being in its infant stages, the site already has a dedicated following with over 8,500 Facebook fans and 1,400 Twitter followers.  As the title implies, each comic features der Führer interacting with members of his Nazi regime, like Erwin Rommel and Joseph Goebbels.  Hitler is given all the traditional hipster stereotypes, from an anachronistic love of “vintage” Pac-man to ironic t-shirts like the one above, which can even be purchased.

That’s the first comic, just to give an idea of what to expect.  The site combines two overused subject matters and manages to create something new, fresh and, most importantly, funny.  Hitler’s shirts alone make it worth checking out, and the comics are good enough to keep you reading.

It’s not updated daily, and there have only been four comics thus far.  Though with all the instant success look out for more frequent updates in the future.


Photo credits: http://hipsterhitler.com/