Austin, Texas. The booming, progressive and erudite capital is a world apart from the roughneck, conservative culture of the rest of the Lone Star State. City Limits, Film Festival, and the emergence of South by Southwest have cemented the city as an arts destination.

Count another outlet on its resume. Poster Cabaret plays host to dozens of artists, specializing in concert poster art that looks as good in your room as it would outside a club.

Having recently moved into my house in Columbus, I started scouring in search of something cool/nice/relatively inexpensive to add some color to an otherwise bland room. But when in search of something ‘alternative’ as opposed to another AC/DC or Doors poster, the site usually turns up that picture of Death Cab for Cutie where Chris Walla makes some shape with his hands. It can be a little underwhelming.


So you want something that lets everyone know how much you love Transatlanticism, but want to appear unique as well? You could try this…

And with Jenny Lewis as an added bonus! Take a sampling of some of our other favorite indie darlings.

Cool? Cool. Just a couple of my favorites, and there are many, many more on the site itself. Most posters are priced between 15 and 35 dollars, and take up enough space to tie a room together. Visit the site sometime, and get lost searching for every last obscure artist you love.

Once again…