So as we’re aware, it’s getting close November and that means everyone’s favorite thing: Political Ads! It’s actually not close to November at all, but in the political mud slinging world, it’s October 31st. But I’ll put aside my frustrations for all of that for a second in order to address my greatest irritation of the year. Political Ads. Let’s be honest for a second. All politicians have at some point done something that some person somewhere considers dishonest. However, politicians seem to have this inherent need to smear their opponents with all kinds of “bad press” in order to make themselves look better. In all honesty, I think the real politician is not the one who can sling the most mud, but is in fact the candidate who can make themselves stand out from the others but backing up their ideas and views with concrete proof they’ll stick by their claims. However, if you don’t believe me that political ads are ridiculous, just take a walk with me through some of the craziest I’ve seen in recent years.

So of course we’re all aware of the controversial ad that Johnson aired only once against his Republican opponent, Goldwater. I’m a democrat and have never claimed otherwise. However, I’m in agreement with most individuals that blowing up a girl playing in the flowers in a pretty extreme way of pointing out the flaws in your opponent. I’m not claiming what he was saying was wrong, but come on. Anyone who sees a girl and then a nuclear explosion isn’t going to want to support any candidate you say is the cause. It was a cheap shot that worked, and even though in our time they would have been crucified, in the 60s’, everyone blamed Goldwater and we see how it turned out.

Now let’s look at the other end of the spectrum. The politicians who make themselves look like idiots. Independent candidate Dr. Daniel Freilich is running for the US Senate seat in the state of Vermont. Now I can appreciate a good laugh, and there are few people I like laughing at more than politicians. But when an individual does something so outrageous, it just makes me shake my head in pity, that’s when I get upset. This guy decided it’d be a good idea to parody the famous Old Spice commercials featuring a studly black guy on a horse. (By the way, I do a killer impersonation of that guy) Granted, the commercial is funny, if only for the fact it’s outright terrible. But it’s embarrassing having to watch this guy try so hard to get voters to come to his side. I just feel awful writing this too, because I really, really, REALLY like this guy. He’s a great candidate who has almost the exact same ideas I do. But who’s going to pay attention to that when he’s sitting on a cow. (When you watch the commercial, it’ll make sense) Anyways, I guess my point is you can do more than try hard for laughs in order to get votes. All that aside though I really do support Dr. Freilich, and if you’re reading this from Vermont or anywhere really, check his website at for more information on his platform.

So I guess my point is, politicians. Get your act together. It doesn’t take a controversial ad, or a really embarrassing commercial to get America to support you. While those tactics may work and in most cases get the votes you’re looking for, it might not be from the people you’re looking for. Would you rather have the support of the gay college student who supports your ideas, thoughts, and opinions? Or the laughing unemployed guy who stumbled into a voting booth to vote for “the guy who didn’t blow up that little girl”? I don’t know about any of you, but I’ll take the gay college student anytime.

-By the way this is RJ Spencer, the newest writer for Ok Confucius and I’m so happy to be here! Sorry my first post was so…harsh, I promise I’m a really nice guy, I just get fired up sometimes. But anyways enjoy my ramblings! If you don’t…then feel free to rant to me on my twitter @RJWearsPrada