The finest minds a middle class upbringing can offer…

James Holman is the epitome of a consummate professional. He grew up in suburban Youngstown, Ohio and dreamt of joining a power elite, something that left the region in the 1930s. He relocated to Oxford, Ohio and Miami University in 2008 where he proudly carries on their old money tradition. This is evidenced by his interests of elitism, cigars and Ayn Rand.

Marc Rostan rose out of the vicious Squirrel Hill housing project of suburban Youngstown to turn similes the way Lil Wayne turns metaphors. He has since transferred, with the rest of America, to the Sun Belt to live a miserable existence in the city of Columbus. There, he attends The Ohio State University and advances his interests in satire, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and discontentment over the city of Cincinnati.

Often mistaken for Michael Moore due to his far-leftist ideology and undeniable sex appeal, Tyler Perrino was born in the third world nation of Western Pennsylvania. He and his family soon sought refuge in Youngstown, Ohio, where he became a high-school media kingpin. He migrated south to Ohio University and Athens, Ohio, a hippie commune in the Appalachian foothills. He specializes in advertising, music, bottom-tier Division I athletics and cheap rum.

The path to becoming an artist in training wasn’t always smooth sailing, but the suburbs kept Donald, DJ, Dunn off the streets and on the straight and narrow. Growing up with two skill-sets, having the witty sarcasm of a smart ass and art, advertising was always the obvious choice. He now keeps the American dream alive at the Columbus College of Art and Design as he pursues a career in art and writing that most people question with, “So you can draw and stuff?”

Sportin shades, Forever 21 jeans, American Eagle shirts, and a way too happy attitude, it only takes a cookie to make RJ Spencer’s day go from good to flippin rainbows and bunnies fantastic. Somehow he made it to high school in Columbus, Ohio, where being a Michigan fan is a death sentence, and jumped into soccer, swimming, theater, and band, so he could spend as much time as possible away from the scarlet and grey. Now residing in the small town of Athens, Ohio, RJ is focused on making sure his college years are filled with learning Marketing and Advertising, dancing on as many bars as possible, and making his mark on a very fashion retarded campus.