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Austin, Texas. The booming, progressive and erudite capital is a world apart from the roughneck, conservative culture of the rest of the Lone Star State. City Limits, Film Festival, and the emergence of South by Southwest have cemented the city as an arts destination.

Count another outlet on its resume. Poster Cabaret plays host to dozens of artists, specializing in concert poster art that looks as good in your room as it would outside a club.

Having recently moved into my house in Columbus, I started scouring in search of something cool/nice/relatively inexpensive to add some color to an otherwise bland room. But when in search of something ‘alternative’ as opposed to another AC/DC or Doors poster, the site usually turns up that picture of Death Cab for Cutie where Chris Walla makes some shape with his hands. It can be a little underwhelming.


So you want something that lets everyone know how much you love Transatlanticism, but want to appear unique as well? You could try this…

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In a little over a month most everyone in the United States will once again be back in school. Regardless of whether it is middle school, high school, or college pretty much everyone has a very similar routine in getting back to school. This includes buying school supplies,  and maybe starting to go to bed a little earlier. One of the essentials on this list is getting some fresh clothes. If you want to really get some cool clothing that is not designer clothing expensive, while being some of the most comfortable t-shirts ever (from personal experience) then I urge you to take a look at Acropolis Apparel.

Classic Era Meets the Post-Modern Lifestyle

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One of the best websites ever is (Look At This Fucking Hipster). It’s a fairly straightfoward website–once a day they post a photo or video that mocks hipster culture. Recently, they found this Australian car commercial for the Honda Jazz which pretty much encapsulates a lot of what being a hipster is—obscure film (Godard anyone?), organic food, irony, and tight jeans. Perhaps as a sign that the website as made it, the commercial seemingly steals from the website with one of the characters saying, “Look At That Fucking Hipster”. Despite using that instead of this, I think it’s fairly clear that the website was the reason that line makes it into the commercial. Still, check it out—it’s a pretty funny minute and a half.



Levi Jeans Company is continuing their Pioneer marketing campaign by bringing in some notable artists to do covers, which they make available for download. Seems like a waste of money for them, right?

Here’s the link if you’re interested:

Wrong. Marketing to our generation (Y) is notoriously difficult because we’ve spent our entire lives being exposed to mass-media. As a result, companies have figured out that branding to our generation means plugging into our individualistic, selfish side. Regardless, they’ve managed to bring in a solid array of artists (John Legend, She & Him, Passion Pit, The Shins, amongst others). The download’s are free, you just need to give them your e-mail. Also, be sure to check out their “Go Forth” commercial. It’s been around for a couple of years, but it’s still one of the coolest commercials I can remember. If you’ve already seen it and you happen to be a hipster—then check out this parody of the commercial, using a Bukowski poem in lieu of Whitman’s “Pioneers! O Pioneers!”




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