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Hipsters! They vex our culture like a plague. Their irony and fixation on being as indie as possible only add to our generation’s reputation for being worse than the hippies, the flappers, and the Nazis combined. They can also function as kingmakers, contributing to the popularity of whatever band/film/whatever until said thing eclipses their niche and goes on to mainstream success. Then they shun it.

So Monday night I was afforded a rare opportunity when I was on hand to see The National at the LC Pavilion in Columbus. The rise of The National is a typical one: they began in Brooklyn, they stuck around and paid their dues in the indie scene for much of the last decade, and this spring the release of “High Violet” catapulted them to mainstream success (no, your local KISS-FM isn’t playing any of their songs, but debuting at #3 on the Billboard 200 will suffice) and the future could possibly leave them as critical darlings on an MTV scale rather than Pitchfork. What I’m trying to say is these hipsters may just shun The National if they get any bigger, say they sold out, etc. So capturing this odd breed at this particular show was paramount.

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vest and t-shirt combo. classic stand-by


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