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So as we’re aware, it’s getting close November and that means everyone’s favorite thing: Political Ads! It’s actually not close to November at all, but in the political mud slinging world, it’s October 31st. But I’ll put aside my frustrations for all of that for a second in order to address my greatest irritation of the year. Political Ads. Let’s be honest for a second. All politicians have at some point done something that some person somewhere considers dishonest. However, politicians seem to have this inherent need to smear their opponents with all kinds of “bad press” in order to make themselves look better. In all honesty, I think the real politician is not the one who can sling the most mud, but is in fact the candidate who can make themselves stand out from the others but backing up their ideas and views with concrete proof they’ll stick by their claims. However, if you don’t believe me that political ads are ridiculous, just take a walk with me through some of the craziest I’ve seen in recent years.

So of course we’re all aware of the controversial ad that Johnson aired only once against his Republican opponent, Goldwater. I’m a democrat and have never claimed otherwise. However, I’m in agreement with most individuals that blowing up a girl playing in the flowers in a pretty extreme way of pointing out the flaws in your opponent. I’m not claiming what he was saying was wrong, but come on. Anyone who sees a girl and then a nuclear explosion isn’t going to want to support any candidate you say is the cause. It was a cheap shot that worked, and even though in our time they would have been crucified, in the 60s’, everyone blamed Goldwater and we see how it turned out.

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One of the best websites ever is (Look At This Fucking Hipster). It’s a fairly straightfoward website–once a day they post a photo or video that mocks hipster culture. Recently, they found this Australian car commercial for the Honda Jazz which pretty much encapsulates a lot of what being a hipster is—obscure film (Godard anyone?), organic food, irony, and tight jeans. Perhaps as a sign that the website as made it, the commercial seemingly steals from the website with one of the characters saying, “Look At That Fucking Hipster”. Despite using that instead of this, I think it’s fairly clear that the website was the reason that line makes it into the commercial. Still, check it out—it’s a pretty funny minute and a half.



If you’ve been following OK Confucius through its early stages, you know much of our output has concentrated on sports and art. Naturally, it was only a matter of time before we were writing about an intersection of the two…

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Everybody's like everybody else and everybody's different from everybody else.

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