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I’m obsessed with maps.  As I write this from my living room, there is a map of Mahoning County on the wall to my left and one of Ohio to the right.  I’m completely fascinated by them, and this fascination is the main reason I chose geography as one of my specializations (think minor).

It’s no surprise that I was amazed when I found Eric Fischer’s study of racial breakdowns in America’s largest cities.

Fischer was inspired by a map created by Bill Rankin in 2009 that shows Chicago’s racial breakdown by community.  The map is simplistically elegant and informative, showing the stark racial boundaries between neighboring communities in an easy-to-interpret design.

The map that started it all

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So as we’re aware, it’s getting close November and that means everyone’s favorite thing: Political Ads! It’s actually not close to November at all, but in the political mud slinging world, it’s October 31st. But I’ll put aside my frustrations for all of that for a second in order to address my greatest irritation of the year. Political Ads. Let’s be honest for a second. All politicians have at some point done something that some person somewhere considers dishonest. However, politicians seem to have this inherent need to smear their opponents with all kinds of “bad press” in order to make themselves look better. In all honesty, I think the real politician is not the one who can sling the most mud, but is in fact the candidate who can make themselves stand out from the others but backing up their ideas and views with concrete proof they’ll stick by their claims. However, if you don’t believe me that political ads are ridiculous, just take a walk with me through some of the craziest I’ve seen in recent years.

So of course we’re all aware of the controversial ad that Johnson aired only once against his Republican opponent, Goldwater. I’m a democrat and have never claimed otherwise. However, I’m in agreement with most individuals that blowing up a girl playing in the flowers in a pretty extreme way of pointing out the flaws in your opponent. I’m not claiming what he was saying was wrong, but come on. Anyone who sees a girl and then a nuclear explosion isn’t going to want to support any candidate you say is the cause. It was a cheap shot that worked, and even though in our time they would have been crucified, in the 60s’, everyone blamed Goldwater and we see how it turned out.

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Austin, Texas. The booming, progressive and erudite capital is a world apart from the roughneck, conservative culture of the rest of the Lone Star State. City Limits, Film Festival, and the emergence of South by Southwest have cemented the city as an arts destination.

Count another outlet on its resume. Poster Cabaret plays host to dozens of artists, specializing in concert poster art that looks as good in your room as it would outside a club.

Having recently moved into my house in Columbus, I started scouring in search of something cool/nice/relatively inexpensive to add some color to an otherwise bland room. But when in search of something ‘alternative’ as opposed to another AC/DC or Doors poster, the site usually turns up that picture of Death Cab for Cutie where Chris Walla makes some shape with his hands. It can be a little underwhelming.


So you want something that lets everyone know how much you love Transatlanticism, but want to appear unique as well? You could try this…

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Well not really, but this super-slowed down version of his song “U Smile” has nearly 1 million plays since it appeared on SoundCloud yesterday.

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Might as well put's logo up here

Because the economy is stable enough that investors are willing to put their money in, at heart, utterly frivolous enterprises; and because Americans are eager to repeat the sterling success that was the booming web economy of the late 90s, legal internet TV host and Google antithesis Hulu is readying for a fall IPO of $2 billion, according to the New York Times.

The article’s mentioning that the site’s revenue is virtually stagnant this year probably doesn’t look good, and the mentioning that viewership dropped “to 24 million in June from 43.5 million in May” has to have a two-pronged basis. On the one hand, Hulu could justify to investors that the majority of the shows it streams completed their seasons in May which left them with little new content for the month. On the other hand, the site’s announcement of a $9.99 monthly subscription service for the privilege of watching a show’s season in its entirety, as opposed to watching only the five latest episodes of a show for free (which is already offered for “The Office”, etc.) likely didn’t excite the masses as much as they hoped. If one could pay $9.99/month for complete libraries of shows then maybe…

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Ubetoo, our newest partner

OK Confucius is entering the game. In addition to the great heroin we offer, we’re making alliances in pursuit of our piece of the pie that is the internet. And you don’t get there without a couple friends.

Our coverage of Lissie, The Love Language, Nite Jewel, et al has been catching the attention of other music sites, and now we’re going super-indie by partnering with Ubetoo. All the way from Scandinavia, Ubetoo aims to be a platform for unsigned artists worldwide. It’s a marketplace for artists and listeners across all genres, offering new music that allows you to be ahead of ahead of the curve.

And if you’re interested in distributing your own stuff, Ubetoo is by far the best route. With a paid subscription, unsigned artists, whether in Ohio or Yemen, can put out their work on the interwebs while retaining their copyright AND earning a share of the royalties. So your start-up band might not become bona fide rock stars; for independent bands just starting out in getting exposure this deal is unheard of elsewhere! Leave it to the other side of the world to aim for cooperation in the ongoing war that is the record industry.

So we invite you to check out our latest partner. Listen to music. Put out your music. It isn’t Pure Volume, littered with your neighbor’s emo band. See for yourself:


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You media types would refer to this problem as a "Ghost in the Machine". source:

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My anticipation for the upcoming second season of Jersey Shore is absolutely teeming. There is nothing more crass, more trashy or more vain on television. And it’s only right it broadcast on a network that is crass, trashy and vain during the 23 hours of the day it wouldn’t be on the air, but just doesn’t do it as well.

With the season premiere imminent, I expect the press tour to be the equivalent of a juicehead puking up all his jagerbombs after going hard with his bros and grinding on 19-year-old jailbait at a club owned by some Persian cokehead. While this article doesn’t exactly accomplish that, it is nonetheless a start of what I hope will be amazing ridiculousness.

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