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Austin, Texas. The booming, progressive and erudite capital is a world apart from the roughneck, conservative culture of the rest of the Lone Star State. City Limits, Film Festival, and the emergence of South by Southwest have cemented the city as an arts destination.

Count another outlet on its resume. Poster Cabaret plays host to dozens of artists, specializing in concert poster art that looks as good in your room as it would outside a club.

Having recently moved into my house in Columbus, I started scouring in search of something cool/nice/relatively inexpensive to add some color to an otherwise bland room. But when in search of something ‘alternative’ as opposed to another AC/DC or Doors poster, the site usually turns up that picture of Death Cab for Cutie where Chris Walla makes some shape with his hands. It can be a little underwhelming.


So you want something that lets everyone know how much you love Transatlanticism, but want to appear unique as well? You could try this…

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Shaken, Not Stirred

Atmosphere released what they are calling a “double EP” which amounts to 12 new songs.

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Our Latest Import

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Ramona Gonzalez, the face of Nite Jewel.

OK Confucius may have suffered from a period of inactivity as of late, but we’re coming back with a bang. For the first time in our young history (two months come Sunday) we’re proud to present an original interview to the internet. And for our first subject, we stuck with familiar territory. Marc has been on here once before to evangelize Nite Jewel, a Los Angeles act largely the brainchild of Ramona Gonzalez. 2009’s self-released LP, “Good Evening”, was a synthesized low-fi gem. But July’s release of the EP “Am I Real” saw a noticeable increase in fidelity and the prospect of new territory. Marc had an extensive conversation with Gonzalez, covering even more changes in her upcoming LP, the trouble of live shows, and where degrees in Philosophy are landing one nowadays.

OK Confucius: Your new EP kind of defines this year for you.  When you say it reflects a continued development, what were you doing that you never thought of doing with “Good Evening”?

Ramona Gonzalez: Actually the EP defines earlier years.  this year was spent doing the next album.  that’s how it works with releases.  right when the public gets the material, it’s already way behind the artist’s schedule. However, the title track “Am I Real” was done more recently with my friends Teen Inc. and that was really an incredible collaboration. So I suppose I never expected to collaborate with such special artists during the recording of  “Good Evening”. I never expected anything from that record actually, let alone people hear it. Read the rest of this entry »

Two multi-faceted entertainers; darlings to two different ends of a scene. Jenny Lewis and Zooey Deschanel have endeared themselves to millions, and have broken the hearts of just about the same number. Hypothetically speaking- like if I were an artist/entertainer with extraordinary talent and had a chance with either of these women, we can safely say nothing would come of it. Never mind their current relationship statuses- a one-night stand with either would terminate right there.

She may be a little older, but don't let that stop you

So you should be left to make a choice. Sure you could go for both and add two notches in your belt, but that just makes you look like an indiscriminate manwhore. And while prostitution is indeed a noble, even heroic profession, I cannot make an outright endorsement for the sake of actually posting something on this blog. Read the rest of this entry »

Well not really, but this super-slowed down version of his song “U Smile” has nearly 1 million plays since it appeared on SoundCloud yesterday.

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I just stumbled upon a mash-up that might make you vomit in your mouth. Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” a song that plays over a montage of Windows 95 and the Soviet Union collapsing the way Jefferson Airplane’s “Somebody to Love” plays over Vietnam and the Civil Rights Movement, has been combined with The Jackson Five’s “Rockin’ Robin”. Yes it is possible. And before you throw your arms up in fury, just listen…

I couldn’t believe what I heard. Cheers, Kurt! Your angst was in vain after all!

The man behind this is Mark Vidler of Go Home Productions, who seems to take more of a classic rock/Adult Contemporary route. His material isn’t dance club material- far from it if his April mash of “Wonderwall” and “We’ve Only Just Begun” by The Carpenters tells us anything. But give the man his due credit for taking a young genre and pushing the new frontier back further. Nobody else is doing what he’s doing right now, at least as far as I’ve looked.

Check out Vidler and his repertoire right here, son.


Ubetoo, our newest partner

OK Confucius is entering the game. In addition to the great heroin we offer, we’re making alliances in pursuit of our piece of the pie that is the internet. And you don’t get there without a couple friends.

Our coverage of Lissie, The Love Language, Nite Jewel, et al has been catching the attention of other music sites, and now we’re going super-indie by partnering with Ubetoo. All the way from Scandinavia, Ubetoo aims to be a platform for unsigned artists worldwide. It’s a marketplace for artists and listeners across all genres, offering new music that allows you to be ahead of ahead of the curve.

And if you’re interested in distributing your own stuff, Ubetoo is by far the best route. With a paid subscription, unsigned artists, whether in Ohio or Yemen, can put out their work on the interwebs while retaining their copyright AND earning a share of the royalties. So your start-up band might not become bona fide rock stars; for independent bands just starting out in getting exposure this deal is unheard of elsewhere! Leave it to the other side of the world to aim for cooperation in the ongoing war that is the record industry.

So we invite you to check out our latest partner. Listen to music. Put out your music. It isn’t Pure Volume, littered with your neighbor’s emo band. See for yourself:


In the footsteps of our earlier post about Justin Bieber failing to understand what German means, has confirmed a director for an impending biopic of the Biebs, slated to be released in 3D on Valentines Day weekend.

The project, with the complex title character being played by Bieber himself, will be helmed by John Chu. The prestigious director joins this project fresh off of “Step Up 2 the Streets” and “Step Up 3D” and back in his avant-garde days (2002) was cinematographer of a little something called “Killing Babies”. The latter part had nothing to do with his selection, though. Apparently it was adequate use of 3D cameras earlier in the year that got him in.

Justin Bieber is stone cold ghetto.

Chu, excited to direct Bieber’s “true underdog story”, intends to do so with “honesty and heart”. Let’s see here…

Using Bieber’s Wikipedia (yes we’ll call this a legit source), he was born to a single mother at 18 (good for a film producing standpoint). Yet He maintains contact with his father (bad). His mother worked a series of low-paying office jobs (mixed), while meanwhile her son taught himself to play four instruments (good, with exceptions). His cover of a Ne-Yo song was posted by his mom on Youtube in 2007 and after a series of these videos were posted he was discovered by the questionably named Scooter Braun (will be exploited for all its uniqueness). His mother was reluctant to release her son into Braun’s hands, reportedly wanting “a Christian man, a Christian label” but relented after encouragement from church elders (will be subdued beyond every inner layer of the Earth). This clearance led Biebs and his mom to Atlanta when he was 13, placing this roughly around 2007/8, where he was then signed by Usher and his life remains a blank spot until his incomprehensible success late last year. Amid this life story, footage of concerts from Nashville leading up to his August 31st show in Madison Square Garden will appear. But using this very limited biography of the Biebs, we can probably expect some details to be, um, embellished.

Admittedly, I’ve never seen any installments of the “Step Up” franchise, but directing an international pop star is quite a leap from directing guys who got turned away from the Jabbawockeez audition. In my opinion, this subject would be better off in the hands of the original director, Davis Guggenheim, the man who made Al Gore look good in “An Inconvenient Truth”. Granted, directing that ex-vice president direct your attention to graphs and animations in a simply designed auditorium is the flipside of directing an international pop star who is on the same career trajectory as Tiffany. But if I wanted to see Bieber play himself in his life story to his fullest potential, there is no one else I’d trust to motivate him more than Guggenheim. Or a brick.

Oh just damn it all. Happy weekend. Imma go listen to some music now..



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