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Mike Vick is officially reclaiming his spot as a starting quarterback in the National Football League, or at least for the next 24 hours. It has been made official that with Kevin Kolb out with a concussion, Michael Vick is primed for a return to glory. If you had a chance to check out Philadelphia last week against Green Bay then you know that Vick brought the Eagles back from the dead. The Eagles looked defeated at the beginning of the second half when Vick took the reigns after Kolb got ruled out with a concussion. He wasn’t the rusty old wildcat specialist anymore, he was the Mike Vick we remember, the Mike Vick with the S on his chest.

The Eagles went into the third quarter down 20-3. Vick used his legs to rack up 103 yards on the ground, and he showed flashes of the touch he used to have on the ball throwing for 175 yards and a touchdown. Although the Eagles couldn’t come away with a victory, it was apparent that Michael Vick was the X-factor that gave them a chance. This week the Eagles head to Detroit to take on the Lions who have also lost their starting quarterback. Both teams are looking for their first win, and for Michael Vick this is going to be one of his most important starts as a professional football player thus far. If Vick can come out, get a win, and remain a difference maker on the field then I believe he’ll be the starter come week 3. Vick has been given a blessing in disguise. Kolb’s injury has given number 7 what he has been waiting on. A chance.



Comic book reading over the years has become synonymous with words like nerd, virgin, or my personal favorite ‘get away from me or die geek’. I am here to tell everyone who has been brainwashed that comic books have become a medium for beautiful artwork as well as deep intellectual story telling. I’m not saying the cliche superhero stories aren’t still the dominant force behind the industry or that there isn’t still an overwhelming amount of piss poor artwork out there, but I am going to give you a list of comic books that I think you should give a chance before you go pushing that geek who reads Batman into the lockers. A read through of anyone of the seven books I am about to talk about will either have you considering comics as a regular form of reading, or at the very least respecting the genre.

WARNING: IF YOU ARE A V FOR VENDETTA/WATCHMEN FANBOY AND EXPECT TO SEE THEM ON THIS LIST THEN BE WARNED, THEY’RE NOT. (not because I don’t love or enjoy them, but simply because they are too well known already)

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Cee-Lo, one half of the group Gnarls Barkley, is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists of the moment. Every new single he releases is an awesome blend of that classic soul funk with a new aged kick. His latest release entitled, “Fuck You” is no different, and quite frankly it might be my favorite track of his yet. The video is nothing short of awesomeness for me being that I am a typography nerd, and a graphic design major. Just do yourself a favor and check it out. Oh, and fuck you, too! Enjoy guys!


It’s pretty much self-explanatory. In reality though, the interviewer’s accent threw him off.


Please don't give this role to Zac Efron

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