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Shaken, Not Stirred

Atmosphere released what they are calling a “double EP” which amounts to 12 new songs.

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Our Latest Import

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Comic book reading over the years has become synonymous with words like nerd, virgin, or my personal favorite ‘get away from me or die geek’. I am here to tell everyone who has been brainwashed that comic books have become a medium for beautiful artwork as well as deep intellectual story telling. I’m not saying the cliche superhero stories aren’t still the dominant force behind the industry or that there isn’t still an overwhelming amount of piss poor artwork out there, but I am going to give you a list of comic books that I think you should give a chance before you go pushing that geek who reads Batman into the lockers. A read through of anyone of the seven books I am about to talk about will either have you considering comics as a regular form of reading, or at the very least respecting the genre.

WARNING: IF YOU ARE A V FOR VENDETTA/WATCHMEN FANBOY AND EXPECT TO SEE THEM ON THIS LIST THEN BE WARNED, THEY’RE NOT. (not because I don’t love or enjoy them, but simply because they are too well known already)

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As reported today, troubled former Oregon quarterback Jeremiah Masoli is now eligible to be a nuisance for the Ole Miss Rebels. Masoli may have stolen from a fraternity house and cited for weed possession during his time in the tolerant Pacific Northwest, but Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt insists that’ll change. Because apparently he’s “in the people-helping business.” Are you a social worker, Houston?

Nonetheless, Nutt has to be on to something. Because not only will Masoli have to contend with people like this in the beautiful south, he’ll be on the straight and narrow with his master’s program… in Parks and Recreation Management!

This dynamic program just had to prepare Masoli to be a shining example of an American leader. I just had to investigate…

  • This is a growth industry, but he’ll be facing “keen competition” as well as a couple priors for that position as Student Activities Officer.
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Ramona Gonzalez, the face of Nite Jewel.

OK Confucius may have suffered from a period of inactivity as of late, but we’re coming back with a bang. For the first time in our young history (two months come Sunday) we’re proud to present an original interview to the internet. And for our first subject, we stuck with familiar territory. Marc has been on here once before to evangelize Nite Jewel, a Los Angeles act largely the brainchild of Ramona Gonzalez. 2009’s self-released LP, “Good Evening”, was a synthesized low-fi gem. But July’s release of the EP “Am I Real” saw a noticeable increase in fidelity and the prospect of new territory. Marc had an extensive conversation with Gonzalez, covering even more changes in her upcoming LP, the trouble of live shows, and where degrees in Philosophy are landing one nowadays.

OK Confucius: Your new EP kind of defines this year for you.  When you say it reflects a continued development, what were you doing that you never thought of doing with “Good Evening”?

Ramona Gonzalez: Actually the EP defines earlier years.  this year was spent doing the next album.  that’s how it works with releases.  right when the public gets the material, it’s already way behind the artist’s schedule. However, the title track “Am I Real” was done more recently with my friends Teen Inc. and that was really an incredible collaboration. So I suppose I never expected to collaborate with such special artists during the recording of  “Good Evening”. I never expected anything from that record actually, let alone people hear it. Read the rest of this entry »

The college football season begins in 24 hours, the final season before yet another seismic change in the landscape. But before Nebraska bolts to get their ass kicked by Ohio State instead of Texas and Colorado moves to become irrelevant on the west coast, there’s still one last chance to challenge the system as is.

Boise State for the national championship.

This kid could be Tim Tebow if he were from, like, Florida.

The Broncos were thought of as a cute little sideshow for beating Oklahoma in 2007. Two consecutive undefeated regular seasons later, they’re being scolded for wanting to leave their little niche in search of a BCS-level program. Kid Cudi can’t empathize here- the haters won’t even shake the Broncos’ hand. Read the rest of this entry »

In a little over a month most everyone in the United States will once again be back in school. Regardless of whether it is middle school, high school, or college pretty much everyone has a very similar routine in getting back to school. This includes buying school supplies,  and maybe starting to go to bed a little earlier. One of the essentials on this list is getting some fresh clothes. If you want to really get some cool clothing that is not designer clothing expensive, while being some of the most comfortable t-shirts ever (from personal experience) then I urge you to take a look at Acropolis Apparel.

Classic Era Meets the Post-Modern Lifestyle

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Cee-Lo, one half of the group Gnarls Barkley, is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists of the moment. Every new single he releases is an awesome blend of that classic soul funk with a new aged kick. His latest release entitled, “Fuck You” is no different, and quite frankly it might be my favorite track of his yet. The video is nothing short of awesomeness for me being that I am a typography nerd, and a graphic design major. Just do yourself a favor and check it out. Oh, and fuck you, too! Enjoy guys!


Two multi-faceted entertainers; darlings to two different ends of a scene. Jenny Lewis and Zooey Deschanel have endeared themselves to millions, and have broken the hearts of just about the same number. Hypothetically speaking- like if I were an artist/entertainer with extraordinary talent and had a chance with either of these women, we can safely say nothing would come of it. Never mind their current relationship statuses- a one-night stand with either would terminate right there.

She may be a little older, but don't let that stop you

So you should be left to make a choice. Sure you could go for both and add two notches in your belt, but that just makes you look like an indiscriminate manwhore. And while prostitution is indeed a noble, even heroic profession, I cannot make an outright endorsement for the sake of actually posting something on this blog. Read the rest of this entry »


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